Bird Biodiversity On Farms

Come along to this event and hear from experts on the benefits of birds on farms and opportunities for citizen science monitoring.

Did you hear the ‘twitter’ about ecosystem services from birds on farms? Come along, it will be a real hoot!

Woodland birds

Caroline Wilson, Birdlife Australia

• The role of woodland birds on farms

• Bird surveys and citizen science (Birdata app)

Ground foraging insectivorous birds

Jessica Chapman (Masters student)

Latrobe Uni (pre-recorded)

• How to improve pasture biomass by encouraging ground foraging insectivorous birds

Restoration or rehabilitation

Geoff Lockwood, Southern Fauna Resources

• Planting for future climate regimes and functional biodiversity


Birdlife Australia bird survey data- you can download the Birdata app from your favorite app store or access the surveys from the website:

• In the afternoon, we will conduct a bird survey on a Landcare property in Macclesfield. Location will be shared at the morning session.


Anyone Can Grow Food

Hands on course covers all you need to know to her started on growing you own fresh, healthier, tasty vegetables in whatever space you have.

Harewood Heritage Day

  • Tours of Harewood House and grounds
  • Local historical displays
  • Traditional trades and craft demonstrations
  • Period costumes
  • Vintage cars
  • Food stalls
  • Live entertainment
  • Plus much more…

Proceeds to Koo Wee Rup Regional Health Service


Strzelecki Landslip and Erosion Forum

Strzelecki Landslip and Erosion Forum
rosion, landslips, and recovery best practice.

SGLN, Hallston Regenerative Agriculture Group (HRAG) and, MardanMirboo North Landcare Group invite you to a free forum to:

stimulate discussion around erosion, landslips, and recovery best practice
• undertake on site visual site inspection

What to expect?
• Presentations by, Agriculture Victoria, West Gippsland
Catchment Management Authority
Case Study presentation on the Hyland Reservoir Landslip prevention project
• Self drive to the property demonstration site (3.7kms from
hall) for an onsite visual assessment
• Free morning tea and lunch.

What to bring?
• Lots of questions

• Wet weather gear, sturdy shoes, hat, water bottle

• Photo examples of erosion / landslip you would like to

Sunday, 26 Feburary 2023


Mirboo North RSL Hall

116 Ridgeway Road, Mirboo North

by Friday, 24 Feburary 2023

For more information contact

This project is delivered by the South Gippsland Landcare Network, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program, in partnership with the West Gippsland CMA.

South Gippsland Landcare Network Incorporation No. A0051992A

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work and meet.

DECP Members Day

Please come and join us:

  • put luck lunch (bring a plate to share)
  • ideas sessions and activities
  • getting thing happening at Downs!


Making Healthy Soils

Making Healthy Soils

Cardinia Environment Coalition Presented by Dr. Mary Cole Or Mary Cole is o passionate soil microbiologist. mycologist (fungi). and plant pathologist. She founded AGPATH Pty Ltd an agriculture pathology. biological farming service. and agriculture consultancy in 1980. This was created with the mission to introduce farmers to the concept of biological forming and improve soil health and productivity giving them a sustainable future while raising standards of environmental awareness. encouraging debate in alternative and more sustainable farming methods, and generating innovative ideas for the long-term health of our planet for future generations Dr Mary Cole will be speaking about how to make healthy soils of home.

Saturday the 4th of June 2022. 10 am – 11.30 am Free to attend Held at the CEC Nursery. Deep Creek Reserve, 62 Cameron Way Pakenham.
CEC Indigenous Nursery will be open 9am – 2pm the same day.

Planning a Revegetation Project

We will be introducing our project, and looking at previous Landcare works on the property. Landcare speakers will be discussing:

  • waterway protection
  • fence placement and construction
  • remnant protection and revegetation plant selection
  • growing your own tubestock and direct seeding
  • ecosystem services provided by a well planned and executed tree break

BBQ lunch included

email or call 0419 382379 to register

SGLN: Enhancing Soil Biology

SGLN’s Enhancing Soil Biology has been running for three years, with the goal of working with local farmers to help them learn about soil biology and how to improve it on their farms.

The information session will cover:
The education sessions delivered through the project, and how you can
access this

The on-ground treatments that were applied on 30 farms, and what monitoring has taken place

Scientific advisor to the project Dr Mary Cole will discuss the results

Some participating farmers will share what they learned and what they’re doing now on their farms

Soil Week Australia 2021

Soil Week Australia is promoting the great work of organizations across Australia who are working to improve the health of our soil and landscapes.

We are encouraging organisations that are running an event in the week of Dec 5th to 12th celebrating the importance of soil for World Soil Day to register their event for free. The  combined social media publicity will support our goal of together creating awareness of the importance of healthy soil across rural and urban Australia.

We are a NFP organization and make no money from this initiative and all our work has been voluntary.

Visit our website: Soil Week Australia

Exploring the world of fungi with Dr Mary Cole

Event description

By request …. Microscope Champions have asked for more information about fungi. Here it is at last. An exclusive event. Dr Mary Cole will be our guest.


Dr Mary Cole is a well-known academic, plant pathologist and soil microbiologist who provides instruction and workshops/courses in biological non-chemical/sustainable agricultural farming practices to farmers, students, and consultants around the world. As an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne she supervises PhD students and her lab, Agpath P/L, provides summer vacation experience in soil microbiology and composting for graduates of Victorian and interstate universities. For more information see

The draft program for this 3 hour online workshop includes:

An introduction covering:
the benefits of fungi
how can we identify more beneficial fungi
how can we identify more harmful fungi
if we can’t identify ‘good vs bad’, why not
what can we tell from fungal spores
A section covering questions collected from participants prior to the session
A live Q&A section
Where to from here for participants…
The event will be recorded and a link provided to registered participants whether they attend or not