Plant Leaf Testing



  • Take leaves from top, middle and bottom from the outside and inside of 4 or 5 plants and send them together as 1 sample.
  • If using compost teas, send separate samples from before and after application (or from treated and untreated plants).When sending after-tea samples note the time between treatment and sampling (1/2 hour minimum).
  • Put leaf samples from different treatments in separate plastic bags.>
  • Complete the sample information on the Submission Form with as many details as possible.
  • Mark each of your samples with its Sample ID.
  • Pack your samples and mark your sample pack clearly with your name and address.
  • Send your sample pack to Agpath by courier or overnight express post. We must receive samples within 3 days to do Active Bacteria & Active Fungi assays. Please Note: Agpath cannot guarantee the timely analysis of samples that arrive on Friday or a day preceding a holiday.
  • Allow a maximum of 10 working days for receipt of the final report.

To fill out Plant Leaf Submission form electronically click here.