Exploring the world of fungi with Dr Mary Cole

November 20, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Event description

By request …. Microscope Champions have asked for more information about fungi. Here it is at last. An exclusive event. Dr Mary Cole will be our guest.


Dr Mary Cole is a well-known academic, plant pathologist and soil microbiologist who provides instruction and workshops/courses in biological non-chemical/sustainable agricultural farming practices to farmers, students, and consultants around the world. As an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne she supervises PhD students and her lab, Agpath P/L, provides summer vacation experience in soil microbiology and composting for graduates of Victorian and interstate universities. For more information see www.agpath.com.au

The draft program for this 3 hour online workshop includes:

An introduction covering:
the benefits of fungi
how can we identify more beneficial fungi
how can we identify more harmful fungi
if we can’t identify ‘good vs bad’, why not
what can we tell from fungal spores
A section covering questions collected from participants prior to the session
A live Q&A section
Where to from here for participants…
The event will be recorded and a link provided to registered participants whether they attend or not