Submission Forms

Price List

The latest AgPath price list contains services, tests and any additional charges. Please use the price list as a guide. Contact our lab to discuss your individual requirements and obtain a quote.

Sample Submission

To submit a sample, you will need to complete the required paperwork. The form provided are in PDF format, which can be opened using most current web browsers or by downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader. The forms can be completed electronically, or printed and handwritten.

Step 1 – Your details

All samples need to be sent with your details.

Step 2 – Collect your sample

It is important to collect your details carefully. Some samples have specific requirements. Ensure you take note of any details listed in the Important section.

Step 3 – Sample details

While collecting you sample you also need to record certain details about the sample. Complete the sample submission form which matches your sample type. If your sample type is not listed, please use the generic Chain of Custody form.