Presenter: Dr Mary Cole

Saturday: Biological Farming – making thermal aerobic compost and compost tea.

Sunday: Small Microscope Course – looking at biology in soil, compost, and learning how to recognise the various beneficial organisms.

Lunch, morning & afternoon tea provided.

These interactive workshops help participants achieve a basic understanding of the complexity of soil biology, soil organic matter and the roles of bacteria and fungi in soil health.
Participants build a thermal aerobic compost ring that can be made on their own enterprise whether it is part of a hectare or many hectares. This compost is of the quality required for making compost tea.
As an alternative to adding fungal inhibiting chemicals, see why the use of organic additions to the soil can improve soil biology, promote nutrient availability and manage weedy species in the environment after drought or fire. Future proofing against climate change is an important discussion to be had on the day. Concepts of regenerative agriculture will be discussed as will future proofing farms against climate change and the use of primary colonising weedy species as positive soil enhancers and nutritional food sources.

Individual problems are welcomed during the Q & A sessions.

Saturday: Biological Farming$275
Sunday: Small Microscope Course$330
Saturday and Sunday (save $55)$550

Students currently studying can reduce the pricing by $50 per day. A letter from your institution will need to be provided.



Saturday, September 25: Biological Farming Workshop

Sunday, September 26: Small Microscope CourseNo remaining spaces available


Saturday, November 13: Biological Farming Workshop

Sunday, November 14: Small Microscope Course


Microscope Servicing


Warren Skinner

Unit 3, 800-812 Old Illawarra Road, Menai, NSW 2234
Phone: 1300 661 607

Local Accommodation

The websites listed provide wonderful accommodation in a rural setting for anyone visiting the Agpath laboratory.

Contact through the websites provided below:

Bunyip Holiday House “Beyond the Clover”
3 bedrooms – sleeps up to 7 people, minimum 1 night available, fully renovated house; walking distance to shops in Bunyip.
Phone Jeff 0407 163 165
Garfield Picture Theatre Accommodation