Q47. How do you improve/increase your quality and quantity of soil microbes present?

Answer: Answer: As temperatures rise and rainfall becomes less predictable and weather events
generally become more unpredictable, then organic/biodynamic/biological production
systems are the only ones that can guarantee longer-term food availability. These
systems ‘farm’ the soil rather than ‘mine’ the soil, increase soil organic matter and hold
more soil moisture allowing crops to be grown and harvested in years of drought where
conventional farming systems cannot produce. Look at the 30 year research project into
conventional and organic farming systems from Rodale Institute in Pennsylvania, USA on
www.rodaleinstitute.org. Providing a healthy soil minimises disease, increases plant health
and increases antioxidant and vitamin content of the resultant food. Look at using compost,
mulch, compost teas, kelp and fish as soil and foliar applications. Look at Agpath P/L website
for assistance.

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