Q28. How effective is compost tea and biodynamic 500 solutions to soil biology?

Answer:Answer: The most microbial activity is in the rhizosphere (area of soil immediately around
plant roots) where plant root exudates provide nutrients for the microbes and they, in turn,
supply nutrients from the soil the plant roots.
Soil type and soil pH are more likely to affect availability of important macro and micro
elements. Soil pH can be adjusted using good compost where the microbes will then function
to supply nutrients in plant available form.
An active and fully functioning soil food web is not present in poor soil so improving the soil
with compost and natural organic matter will allow the soil food web to function effectively
and provide nutrients needed by the plants resulting in healthy and productive plants
producing nutritious crops whether it is good quality grass for stock or tasty vegetables.

Compost tea contains a diverse population of microbes that stimulate the rhizosphere
populations of plants. Biodynamic 500 is a concentrated and diverse population of microbes
all of which have a role in plant and soil health particularly if made on one’s own property
from materials found on one’s property.
Commercial preparations are available but these are never as good as a well-made
preparation locally. Like compost teas, the microbes stimulate the populations in the soils
and lead to greater nutrient uptake into plants.


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