Q22. We want to improve our pastures and therefore get basic information on how to improve the quality of our soil.

Answer: Answer: The pathway to healthy soil starts with having a complete chemistry and biology
carried out on all the different soil types on the property. This data is considered along
with the previous history of the property such as fertiliser input, grazing or cropping
history; irrigation, flooding potential, etc. With all that information, a programme either
of continued chemical use or a change to biological farming, either totally or in part, can
then be designed. A commitment then to a management programme is implemented with a
consultant. Evidence is widely available to show that animals are happier and healthier in a
farming system that has minimal chemical input. Production can be higher and crop quality is
certainly higher. Having all the information necessary to make the change is what is needed
and that is available from consultants who work within the biological/organic system. I am
always available to explain the science or to help with a programme.


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