Hallston Regenerative Agriculture Group Talk

June 18, 2021 @ 7:15 am
Hallston Hall
Grand Ridge Rd
Hallston 3953
Gerhard Grasser
0402 213 736

Almost a Hallston local, Rob Waddell runs Grand
Ridge Propagation and Nursery in Seaview.
Join us at this education event and get ready for a
great season of planting! Rob’s tips and strategies
for successful tree and shrub growing on your
properties won’t go astray.
What to expect?
• A casual and positive evening
• An education session on tree planting, species
selection plus pre and post planting tips
• A 10 minute intro by Brita from Intrepid Landcare
of the volunteer crews ready to plant your trees
• Network, social chats and general HRAG
catch up!
What to bring?
• Nibbles and drinks
• Pen and paper
• Your action plan that you started at the 101
event and may have continued to develop