Welcome Agpath P/L is registered with DPI, Victoria to receive soil and grapevine material from Phylloxera Infested Zones as nominated on the Phylloxera & Grape Industry Board of South Australia website.

Soil or grape material from these areas must be accompanied by a Department of Primary Industries ‘permit for the removal of diagnostic samples from …..(name of phylloxera infested zone)’.

Transport of grapes across quarantine phylloxera zones. Three quarantine zones operate for phylloxera: Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ), Phylloxera Exclusion Zone (PEZ) and Phylloxera Risk Zone (PRZ). A map of Victoria with the quarantine zones is available by clicking here. Individual maps for the six PIZs in Victoria and the Western PEZ are available by clicking here.

Growers and winemakers are reminded that there are strict rules controlling the transport of grapes and other grape material into and out of a PEZ, PRZ or PIZ. The National Phylloxera Management Protocol is available here,or if you need further information, please contact Catherine Anderson on 9261 1830 or catherine@vwia.org




Dr Mary Cole has been appointed Chair of the Research Committee of the Mornington Peninsula & Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation, UNESCO biosphere reserve in Victoria declared in 2002. UNESCO biosphere reserves aim to keep special places—like Western Port—special by fostering conservation and sustainable development.




Monster Climate Petition

It started with a conversation last month between Judy Brett, Clare Wright, Dur-e Dara and Mary Crooks. We were inspired by what Victorian colonial women did in 1891 to press their claim for voting rights (in what became known as ‘The Monster Petition’). We asked ourselves – could we provide a mechanism for a huge numbers of Australian women, men and children to give voice to their concern about the almost total lack of national leadership on securing a safe climate?

We can and we have! It is called the Monster Climate Petition and you can view everything to do with the Petition right here: www.monsterclimatepetition.com.au

The Petition to our House of Representatives must contain pen and ink original signatures on paper. The website provides the Petition for downloading.

Our lead petitioner is Dr Fiona Stanley AC. As well, there are 11 other Australian women listed on the website who are lending their names in an effort to generate a massive popular response.

The signatures will be collected in time before the mid-November G20 meeting in Brisbane to show the world how many Australians care about climate change. It will then be presented to the national parliament.

Every one of us can sign our names, including our children. There are no formal eligibility requirements. Signatories do not have to be on the electoral roll. Addresses are optional, but they add legitimacy. The only people who can’t sign are current members of the House of Representatives.

Significantly, the Petition is available in 7 languages other than English – Turkish, Italian, Greek, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

Women all over the country have a huge collective power to ensure that hundreds of thousands of women, men and children put their names and signatures to this Petition to our House of Representatives. As individuals, you can bring so many people into the process – maybe more than you have stopped to think! Send the website link all around the place. Urge your networks to take the simple but powerful step of collecting signatures from as many people as possible.

Start with your own signature, and then gather signatures from your household, family and friends.

Take it to your neighbours and workmates, playgroup, sports team, faith community, book club, kindergarten or school committee, land care group – in fact any and every community group or organisation you belong to!

The petition says the following:

To The Honourable The Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives

This petition of Australia’s daughters and sons, parents, grandparents, godparents, aunts and uncles, draws to the attention of the House the damage to the earth’s climate and its oceans from humanity’s continuing and increasing carbon emissions and the consequent severe risks to the future health, safety and well-being of our children and our children’s children and future generations. We remind the House that it is the fundamental duty of parliament, including this House, to protect Australia’s people, land and seas.

We therefore ask the House to respect the science and build a safe climate future for our children and grandchildren and generations to come by enacting immediate and deep reductions to Australia’s carbon emissions. We also ask the House to commit to and actively promote and support global strategies for immediate and deep reductions to global emissions at every relevant international forum.

Download our Petition – monsterclimatepetition.com.au